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It all began with the "PONG" arcade machine by ATARI. In 1972, this innovative machine attracted a lot of attention and was a great success. It wasn't until 1978 that the era of arcade machines truly began with the introduction of the "SPACE INVADERS" arcade machine developed by TAITO. Shortly thereafter, in September 1979, ATARI released the arcade machine "ASTEROIDS," followed by NAMCO's arcade machine "PAC MAN" in July 1980. These three arcade machines triggered a genuine video game craze.

Stories behind the story
SPACE INVADERS: The reason why the remaining attackers move faster and faster is due to the fact that the processor used was very slow, and therefore took a long time to draw all attackers on the screen. The fewer attackers had to be displayed on the screen, the faster the screen refresh rate, and consequently, the faster the attackers moved.

ASTEROIDS: The graphics are presented not as raster graphics but as vector graphics. All elements are composed of drawn lines. Since the 6502 CPU couldn't handle both the game logic and the graphics rendering, ATARI developed its own video hardware called the "Digital Vector Generator," which converts the coordinates stored in memory into displayed graphics.

PAC MAN: The arcade machine is actually called "PUCK MAN," but it was renamed to PAC MAN for the American market. The character design is based on a pizza with a missing slice.

Donkey Kong
One of the best arcade machines is undoubtedly the one developed by NINTENDO in 1981, called "DONKEY KONG." The reason for its excellence can likely be attributed to the numerous small animations, vibrant colors, and outstanding sound effects. The screen is constantly in motion, and the ambition to "climb" upward towards the goal adds a tremendous level of excitement. The backstory is equally fascinating. The arcade machine was initially equipped with the game "Radarscope" and proved to be a major flop. A game designer named Shigeru Miyamoto was then tasked with transforming this machine into a Popeye game, but shortly before release, the licensing rights for the Popeye character were lost. After these setbacks, Shigeru Miyamoto was given the freedom to create a game according to his own vision using the existing hardware, turning it into a successful machine. At that time, many space-themed arcade games dominated the arcades, with character animations not being a top priority for game manufacturers. Due to Shigeru Miyamoto's meticulous and well-animated characters, coupled with the simple yet thrilling gameplay, "DONKEY KONG" stood out from all the other machines of its time. DONKEY KONG became a major success.

Best selling Games

Pac Man (400.000)
Space Invaders (360.000)
Donkey Kong (132.000)
Ms. Pac Man (125.000)
Asteroids (100.000)
Defender (60.000)

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