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The origin lies already a little further back, namely in 2008, in this year I had the idea for a universal computer hardware concept where you don't have to program anymore. In my opinion, programming belongs in the mothballs of time, and should be replaced by a better concept that eliminates all sources of error (AlphaCode: Link, PDF) , especially when programming systems manually. I worked on this for about 1 1/2 years, until I came back to my beginning of computing, the C64, with the the C64, with which I had to do since 1983. For me it is always about what exists, and to look beyond it. Repeating the same mistakes and to see rehearsed things as the last wisdom, is not my thing. Because there lurk many stupidities from the past time, which many however until today blindly, or because they do not have the deep understanding behind them. That is understandable, but it's also a great hindrance if you want to make progress in the future. And I don't mean that on a small scale, but on a large scale. Because these things influence the world negatively, and I would like to improve that, as well as put the Stupidity/Automatism in the fence, as well as it just goes.

10 years later, in 2018 the thought matured in me for a multiplayer world, an internet universe for the C64. At that time I was asked if I could program a webbrowser for the C64. At first I agreed, but then I realized that this makes little sense, because that would only be retro, and exactly the same what already exists on the PC, only then in a worse resolution. By a few coincidences I then came to hardware development, and have developed within 2 years over 140 boards for the C64 world, always with an eye on "different", and looking into the future.

After a lot of detours UNI64.com became a webshop for new C64 Hard- and Software, where especially the new boards have revived the C64 market (I have received numerous messages from former C64 users from the whole world, who mentioned my new C64 board designs as the reason to start with the C64 again).In the course of these developments a certain Know How came to the fore, and concrete thoughts for a C64 Universe on the internet. The concept for this now contains about 30 pages,full of ideas, but above all also exact specifications how the realization should look like. In the meantime others have jumped on the C64 Internet train and try to do something useful with the C64 and the internet which only includes the fast loading of old C64 games and a chat, what you can already do for about 10 years with C64 modules, but like with the illegal streaming of copyright protected copyrighted movies, also the streaming, from the majority still copyrighted C64 games via these new C64 online networks, should be illegal. The Universe 64 is not about is not about the old games, but a completely new multiplayer world, with completely new content.

On the UNI64.com site I announced this Online Universe 2020, in 2022 it is now ready. The limitation to only C64 was discarded and made into an Online Universe for 8-bit Computers. This is my playground for music, animation, film, philosophy, games, planets, the universe. What I have acquired over the last decades, can now come to bear. Also the idea of 2008, as well as artificial intelligence. Most people will think this is just an online multiplayer game, but it is much more, it is the gateway to another world of thought, where you don't waste your time playing games, but can experience everything that is withheld from you in normal life. It is the "World of Stories", a world that is not in any book, and in which the real life and the online world form a symbiosis, where not the online character is "leveled up", but one oneself is. This new and unique C64 Online universe is the place to go if you want to merge entertainment and discovery of to merge yourself.

Thoughts are nothing more than percentage switches that follow a path that at the end forms a circle. The result is an automatism that forms itself in a circle, without any so-called "intelligence"

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